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How It All Started... 1885-1969  1970-Present


Francis IV born on 17th February 1970



Francis I dies on 17th March 1971. The McPeake Family ceases to tour due to the death of Francis I and the awakening of civil unrest in Northern Ireland.



Francis II and III start the Francis McPeake School of Music



Francis II dies on 7th July 1986



Francis IV starts playing the pipes


McPeake Family, Wild Mountain Thyme, Will ye go lassie go


21st Anniversary Concert is held to mark the achievements of the Francis McPeake School of Music.

Nearly 100 musicians lined the stage in appreciation for the hard work and dedication of the McPeakes. Brian Kennedy, Stockton's Wing and the McPeake Family also performed to the sell out audience that night.

Literally thousands of Belfast musicians, scattered all around the world, can look back in gratitude to their early days of influence and learning with the McPeake Family.



The Francis McPeake School of Music open their premises in Belfast City Centre

The school still exists and runs today in Gloucester Street, Belfast. The exceptional talent that flows in and out of the school - as well as the variety in ages and backgrounds - is staggering. The school thrives on the passion and teachings of its skilled tutors.

In 2008, things began to look bleak. Funding opportunities have become impossible and the future, uncertain. So the school came to a decision - we'll make our own funds.

For the sake of the school and students as well as the heritage behind the McPeake name the Mystery Mozaic Advertising Campaign was born. Advertising with an incredibly creative and innovative approach! Unfortunately, due to the global recession and with great regret, the doors finally closed on the school in 2010.


Francis McPeake V born on 14th August 2006

2007 - Present

Francis IV forms "McPEAKE"


"McPEAKE" began life as nothing more than a group of musicians who came together for special gigs and occasions. Francis McPeake first brought the band together for a stage show that he co-wrote based on the Titanic in 2003.


McPEAKE’s music nods to the past generations of the iconic McPeake Family but has journeyed to new territory; from their mix of Folk, Indie, Trad, Americana music; they’ve created TradPop! 

Mixing heart-pumping instrumentals and heart-stirring lyrics with innovative use of traditional instruments alongside contemporary song writing; they create a new perspective on an old genre. 


There are no musical borders that "McPEAKE" doesn't cross, due to the varied musical backgrounds of its members. 

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